I have been working on front-end web development for over 10 years

I am a supporter of precision, simplicity and, above all, web functionality. I am a frontender, body and soul, and for some a magician.
But what can I really do?

  • Web speed
  • Well-arranged code
  • Web data size
Martin Kolář

I know frontend.
I leave the backend to
others. after all, no one sees it anyway

If someone told you about me that I coded their website or e-shop, sped it up and advised what to do next, they were telling the truth. Who could have told you about me?

Static template

The output of my work is a functional static template. It is ready for deployment on any CMS. For longer-term projects, I can work with your current solution.

Web analysis

I can analyze your functioning website or e-shop. Thanks to the analysis, you will find out how your website rates in 2023.


If you are fumbling about and don't know how to proceed, no problem, we can have a one-time discussion to resolve your problem.


I do optimization, especially speed, on a daily bases. I will be happy to help you improve your Lighthouse score.

I'm not doing fullstack programming,
CMS deployment, minor web site modifications,
or mobile application.

What I have already done
and for whom I still
work. and like to work for



What else am I good at? it's not just about coding

What I can code is one thing, but everything around it is also important and it forms one comprehensive package within:


I have been working with websites for over 10 years, during which I know what is correct and functional.


Thanks to my experience, I will quickly adapt to your conditions and any technologies you use.


I'm helping to create the frontendisti.cz community. I co-organize online meetings and, if possible, offline. frontendisti.cz

“Finding a high quality front-end developer in today's world is a task comparable to the establishment of world peace. Although we were afraid of the hourly rate at first, I immediately understood that the quality of Martin's work perfectly corresponds to the price. He is interested not only in the visual side of the website, but also in the technical one. We rely on organic traffic, a fast and responsive website is the alpha and omega of everything. We work great with Martin, He points out mistakes, suggests solutions and is always there when we need him. I look forward to continuing our cooperation!”

Marek Turnhöfer, Head of Marketing, eppi.cz

Steps of cooperation?

  1. Request Ideally together
    with a graphic design.
  2. Objectives and requirements Speed conditions, deployment, administration, functionality.
  3. Offer Budget, max. price per project;
  4. Offer approval
  5. Implementation
  6. Final control
  7. Approval of quality
  8. Handover, including source codes
  9. Invoicing The invoice shows the time actually spent on the project
    (often lower than in the offer).

How much is it all about? I am available?

  • Web speed
  • JavaScript performance
  • Web data size
  • Well-arranged code
  • Load optimization
  • Data transfer

Price list of work or for how much

I am currently available immediately.

I will be happy to prepare a specific price offer according to more precise requirements. The offer always sets the maximum price for the project, which also includes a reserve. I invoice an amount that represents the time actually spent on the project, so it often happens that you pay less than estimated in the offer. Thanks to this, You will never be surprise with an increase in costs.

Prices do not include VAT.

42 EUR/hour


85 EUR/hour


Onepage/microsite web

from 1 000 EUR

Small website, several subpages, contact form

from 2 000 EUR

Medium website, subpages, blog

from 3 000 EUR

Extensive web or e-shop

from 4 000 EUR

Martin Kolář, front-end coder

Write and I will write back. It's that simple.


Martin Kolář, Benešova 254,
664 42 Modřice (South Moravian Region), Czech Republic
Bank account: 1473867039 / 3030
IBAN: CZ83 3030 0000 0014 7386 7039, BIC: AIRACZPP
CIN: 75454858 (VAT payer) VATIN: CZ685656766

Write and I will write back